Have you earned your challenge coin yet?

Collect 4 GOYFN Gamble Tokens, from 4 different gamble series drops, to trade in for a coin of excellence presented by the GOYFN Fam!

To get your coin follow these steps:

1. Mail your 4 different tokens to us at:


PO BOX 42432

Fayetteville, NC 28309

2. Fill out the contact form below and provide the tracking number in the comments.

3. Ensure you provide the email of your GOYFN registered account so we can verify you participated in 4 gambles.

4. Provide the shipping address if different than what is on your registered account.

5. Once we receive your tokens... we will send you your coin! (and return the tokens marked as used)

Limit one coin per customer, per gamble series. ie... if you have multiples from the same gamble you can only use one. *Yes... we will keep track ;) If you participate in future gambles and earn 4 more new tokens, you can get another!

  • GG01: H. ROLLERS

  • GG02: DRIP IN LE

  • GG03: ODS