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GOYFN | Gamble 05: K2 Lethals

GOYFN | Gamble 05: K2 Lethals

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Take your chances with our GOYFN Gamble 05: K2 LETHALS!

Each tee is sealed in a GOYFN MRE bag with a limited edition GG05 token to display with your coin collection or to trade in for GOYFN coin after collecting 4 different gamble chips! 

30% chance of Pogbob Tuckpants, ParaPat, and Mr. Kilo

10% chance of DSG Handsome

Our coyote brown duty tees are fully compliant to wear with both Multicam and Scorpion OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniforms.

Features: Made to US AR 670-1. Unisex sizing.
Fabrication:  70% cotton, 30% poly, 5.6 oz.


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Customer Reviews

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Drew Clarke
I need more stars to give!

There aren't enough stars to express my satisfaction with this GOYFN Gamble. This product does - not - miss! Site was easy to navigate. Shipping was fast. Shirt fit perfectly. I looked in the mirror and almost thought I was David Goggins. I was ready to go carry some boats. I almost reenlisted in the Army. Moral of the story, I got off my neck, got this shirt, and almost made some poor decisions - ALMOST! But the best decision I made was getting this Gamble. Can't wait until July for the next GOYFN Gamble to drop!


Sick design, fast turn around. Stay sick with it!